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About Plate Design

Race Plates® are race-theme license plates now available in many different driver and state designs. All Race Plate products are produced in the USA to the highest standards, using heavy gauge aluminum with machine-rimmed edges, similar to your state registration plates. Our unique digital manufacturing system produces the graphics in a highly-visible reflective coating which is bonded to the plate, then clear-coated for durability and protection of the graphic images. The result is a brighter, clearer graphic design that stands out in the daytime and virtually "lights up" when struck by light at night. Race Plates® are truly a cut above typical plastic or tin souvenir plates and will last for years without fading or losing their shape. Order yours today!

Race Plate Designs
  • REGISTRATION RACE PLATES - Offered in several states, these plates are offered to residents as legal registration plates. Residents of these states can order legal registration Race Plates® for their vehicle through their local DMV or license renewal office.
  • SIGNATURE SERIES RACE PLATES - A great plate at a great price! Our newest design, with exciting new graphics featuring your favorite driver's car number and signature. The Signature Series can be personalized with your name or message of up to 12 letters!
  • DIAMOND PLATE SOUVENIR PLATES - The newest Race Plate Design, our Diamond Plate Series, captures the look of embossed diamond design on a flat plate, maintaining all the reflective characteristics of other plates.  Diamond Plate Series can be personalized with your name or message of up to 12 letters!
  • HOBBIES & SPECIAL INTEREST SOUVENIR PLATES - We have now expanded our product offering to include many new special interest plates. See the great looking U.S. flag plates, hobbies, sports, the bikers series, and coming soon new organization and collegiate designs.
  • MotoX RACE PLATES - Doin' it in the Dirt - - two wheels or four, all the hot new motocross and ATV designs feature our bright reflective graphics and images depicting your favorite motocross styles. These plates will look great on the front of your pickup on the way to the track or just to tell the world you're a dirt fan. Of course, we have personalized options on several MotoX Plate designs so you can add your own name or message.
  • PERSONAL PLATES - Add some new personality to the front of your vehicle! Our new Personal Plate designs feature the same Race Plates™ reflective graphics in bold new colors and designs that can be matched to your vehicle. These plates look great day or night, and like most of our designs can be personalized with your distinct information.

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